Read like a pirate

Pirate Hunters: Treasure,
Obsession, and the Search for a Legendary Pirate Ship
by Robert Kurson
So, remember
how I was raving about this book? That
was when I’d read only 24 pages. 
Then it
got better.
And it
continued on that track, carrying me along in blissful rapture all the way to
the end.
book’s got it goin’ on.
we’ve got a rip-roaring adventure story that just won’t stop.
The pirates-with-parrots thing? For real.
and Mattera are two divers searching for a pirate ship, which it turns out is
one of the toughest things to find. So there’s a serious quest thing going on
those guys are ridiculously interesting characters all on their own. Earlier in
life, Mattera nearly joined the mob, but became a cop instead. Which is
basically the opposite journey taken by our pirate…
respected British sea captain who turned pirate back in the 1680s, during the Golden
Age of Piracy. 
(Seriously, if you’re gonna turn pirate, you might as well do it
during the Golden Age. Otherwise, really, why bother?)
Now if
we’re talking interesting characters, Bannister takes the cake. Dude had a
decent, respectable life, and he threw it all away for a life of crime that he
knew probably would be a short one.
And then
he took on the British Navy in battle.
So… by
the time you reach this part of the story, you just really want those divers to
find this guy’s ship. And that’s when
the going gets tough. 
And, to
top it all off, Kurson’s writing style makes this whole stranger-than-fiction
tale a joy to read. He writes exuberantly, and man, it’s fun to read. 
Narrative nonfiction perfection. 

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