From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler has been one of my favorite books for decades.

And today I saw its redesigned book cover created by a fellow named Matt Roeser who does that sort of thing. After reading a book, he designs a new cover for it.*

And the cover for this book is so perfect it makes me want to re-read it. Immediately.

Which, I gotta tell you, ain’t gonna happen. I just received a mini-flood of books, and they’re due in 2 weeks.

Must drop everything and READ.

The pressure. It’s almost too much sometimes.

*Thanks to Books on the Nightstand for talking about this website! And thanks to my dear friend for telling me about Books on the Nightstand. (It’s an avalanche of gratitude… watch out.)

8 thoughts on “Re-covered

  1. Gah – FAVORITE BOOK! Loved it as a kid. We'd go to that museum on field trips (I lived in NY) and just dreamed of washing up in the fountains and sneaking into the bathrooms at closing.

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