Raise a glass to fREADom

Pretty sure Lin-Manuel Miranda would forgive this…

Recently I woke with altered lyrics running through my mind:

“Raise a glass to fREADom
Something they can never take away”

…cuz it’s Banned Books Week, and that always gets me feeling grateful for our freedoms, and also concerned that some people wish to abridge the freedom of others. 

So… if you feel like exercising your freedom to read, here’s a list from the ALA of frequently challenged books. And then there’s the list of banned & challenged classics

See some favorites there? Yeah, me, too.  

What’s your favorite banned or challenged book?

8 thoughts on “Raise a glass to fREADom

  1. To Kill a Mockingbird has to be my favorite banned book….along with any and all Harry Potter novels that have been banned somewhere. Great post!

  2. Banned book is the time to celebrate reading and oppose the suppress books.

    I found something interesting a few years ago.

    If one searches the internet, it seems that just about every book that is well now has been subject to attempted banning.

    Thus whatever one's favorite book is, unless it is very obscure, it is likely that someone has tried to ban it.

  3. I like Fun Home by Allison Bechdel. People down the road in Marshall, MO tried to ban it from the public library, but the library staff and board stood up to the hoopleheads.

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