Quebec City itinerary: 5 days in Quebec City in December

We love the Christmas season, so Quebec City in December was on our must-visit list. Beyond being beautiful and historical and having a truly European vibe, Quebec City is the home to one of North America’s best Christmas markets. 

We packed our warmest winter gear (prepare to wear your warmest boots the entire time, my friends) and headed to the airport.

And then we were completely charmed by the entire experience — friendly people, greetings of “Bonjour!” everywhere, feeling like we had traveled much further than simply over the border to Canada, and the sensation of time traveling into the past…

Here’s our itinerary…

Day 1: Arrival in Quebec City

  • Flew into Quebec City
  • Picked up rental car
  • Lunch: Chez Victor (145 Rue Saint-Jean) – where they have vegetarian poutine that is seriously life-changing. I can’t stop thinking about it. 
  • Plains of Abraham Museum
  • Rode the funicular from Lower Town to Upper Town  (man, we love a good funicular)
  • Strolled Dufferin Terrace
  • Chateau Frontenac – walked through the lobby and looked at the display of Christmas trees

Day 2: Old Quebec City

Day 3: Day trip from Quebec City

Day 4: Upper Town

Day 5: Departure


Have you visited Quebec City? What sights should we add for our next visit?