Presidential library two-fer!

3 words: thrilled, joyful, geeky

OK, so you know you’re a geek when your big trip of the year revolves around presidential libraries. 


Yes, that’s plural: we’re talking two of them! I know: it’s a bit too much to take.

The easiest place to accomplish the presidential library double header is southern California, where you can pick off both the Nixon and Reagan libraries in a single visit.
This is not for the faint of heart.
We’re talking about some seriously intense museum-going here, people.
Fortunately, I’m a seasoned presidential library goer and the Dear Man is both amiable and made of sturdy stuff.
We accepted the challenge because the goal is to collect all 13.
Here’s why you may want to go there, too.
We’ll start with Day One: The Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. 
OK, this place has it goin’ on.
First off, the setting is wicked beautiful—the prettiest presidential library
location I’ve seen. 


And second, there’s a retired Air Force One on display, and
you can walk through it.

I know.
I was all having a Hall and Oates moment, all day long*.


It was the most pleasant presidential library experience I’ve ever had. I laughed, I cried, I smiled, I became verklempt. 


And… this is going to sound blasphemous coming from a Kennedy fanatic, but… I liked Reagan’s library the best of the bunch. Somehow it evoked him more clearly as a human being. The Great Communicator’s library communicates greatly.



So you’d think that Day Two: The Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda might be disappointing after coming
down off the Reagan heights. 


And it sort of was. 

Except that Nixon’s library is located next to his birthplace, which is one of the most charming little
cottages on the planet. His dad built it from a kit in 1913, and it’s cuter
than cute.


And then there’s the Watergate gallery. Holy Toledo, guys. 

(Need I say it? More overstimulation.)

So yeah.

Totally worth the trip. 


If you’re organized about it and don’t mind overdosing on presidential history, you can actually do this thing in two consecutive days. 

And it’s amazing. 

Plus, we saw all kinds of other good non-library stuff, and the whole everything exceeded my already high expectations. 


This traveling thing is pretty stinkin’ fantastic, especially when conducted in the right company.


*incorrect; the moment lasted during the entire vacation

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