Pirate treasure

When I
was just 24 pages into the advance reader’s copy of Pirate Hunters—the forthcoming book by Robert Kurson—here’s what

The Dear
Man and I went out for breakfast and were seated next to a loud-talking couple
who were very clearly on their first date. He and I did the delighted look at
each other, because eavesdropping was unavoidable.  
Then we
carried on our own conversation, but each with one ear open to the situation at
the next table. I whispered to the Dear Man that I couldn’t wait to find out
how they wrapped it up. Would there be a
second date?
this happened:
started telling him about the first 24 pages of Pirate Hunters. I pulled up the ARC on my iPhone so I could say,
“Read the last paragraph on this page!” I did more raving about Robert Kurson’s
writing style. I talked about how wonderful, how rare, how completely
spectacular it is to be in the midst of reading such a book.
And… yeah.
I blew
right on through the next table’s departure. I was yammering on, all excited,
and the Dear Man was listening, all interested (he truly is dear), and… we
missed it. The next table’s couple got up and left, and We Will Never Know if
they ever saw each other again.
This is
actually a moment I treasure.
you’ve been warned. On this book’s cover, there should be emblazoned a warning:
Here There Be Distracting Delights.