The perfect day

I’ve seen this YouTube thing posted on 2 book blogs thus far, most recently at Sophisticated Dorkiness, where I actually watched it.

I swear, it’s my idea of the perfect day: rearranging my bookshelves endlessly.
(And I love the banana that shows up midway through. Also when the little dragon figure thing starts traipsing around on the table!)

4 thoughts on “The perfect day

  1. Wow, that is such a cool video! It must have taken ages to make.

    I'm contemplating reorganizing my bookshelves, and it's both daunting and exiting.

  2. Rayna,
    If books were lighter-weight, reorganizing the shelves would be so much easier! But it's still one of my absolute favorite things to do — and even to think about.

  3. Kim,
    So glad I saw this on your blog! I agree — cannot feel settled until books are in place. I recall hardly reading after my last move because the books needed to be placed on the shelves.

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