Out of the rut, into the pit of despair

The Dinner by Herman Koch
From the depths of
my forever reading rut, I listened to a fiction audiobook. That’s some almost-progress, I’m telling you.
This one drew me in
– I heard it
described as the “European Gone Girl
(which it is not).
– It takes place in Amsterdam, and I was just
So the thing starts
off slowly, slowly, slowly. A man (the narrator) and his wife are meeting his
brother and sister-in-law for dinner. And he’s not looking forward to it,
because he detests his brother, the big-shot politician.
And then the thing
starts to gain some momentum, as you realize things are not what they seem.
(This unreliable narrator aspect and family troubles — that’s probably why they’re saying Gone
about this book, but I’m still not buying it.)
And then the thing
gets really dark.
And then I was ready for
it to be over, actually, because I’m not crazy about residing in the darkness.
This one’ll have
you thinking about it long afterward. Whether you want to or not.

2 thoughts on “Out of the rut, into the pit of despair

  1. Actually, this is the first review EVER of this book that has made me want to read it. Although in the middle of this winter, if I want to take on more darkness, I'm just not sure…

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