Organizing the spice drawer

I meant to write about spring goals and new growth. Instead I’m writing about organizing our spices. Because that’s where I am right now, and it sure feels like growth.

When I read Carson Tate’s post about balancing your life like the four seasons, I was immediately captivated by the idea. And also relieved, because this framework allows us to tackle only one aspect at a time. And that’s such an easing of a burden.

I tend to overload myself with ambitious projects, and then I just get tired. So one season at a time? I got this…

For springtime, she suggests:

  • New ideas
  • New beginnings
  • Decluttering
  • Letting go of the past

As I see it, there are two phases here, which kind of line up with Marie Kondo’s thinking: let go of the past to open up possibilities for the future.

One of my “19 for 2019” goals is to go through all the boxes in the basement, which contain I’ve-forgotten-what. So that project is saying “spring” to me. (But will I get to it before winter? I have my doubts.)

Meanwhile, what I have done is to tidy up the spice rack. It’s actually the spice drawer, and it was pretty horrid. We both got frustrated trying to find the oregano. And really, people shouldn’t have to live like that.

So, inspired by The Home Edit, I bought:

…and we had ourselves some results.




It’s a small step, growth-wise, but it sure makes cooking more pleasant. Plus, every time I open the doors of the pantry, I get a little ping of joy.

So, along with walking along the river to see the spring flowers, that’s part of my springtime celebration.

What’re you doing to celebrate spring?

2 thoughts on “Organizing the spice drawer

  1. That is lovely! I enjoy a good organization post. I used to keep my spices in a cabinet, but I cook a LOT (sometimes three meals a day; why YES, I AM tired), and my spice collection was starting to outgrow that space, along with a cabinet making it hard to find what I needed (plus a few of my spices I buy in jumbo-sized containers, or I buy them in bags and transfer them to old jars). For Christmas, my mother got me a skinny three-shelf storage rack on wheels that fits into the space between my stove and the wall, and the vast majority of my spices live there now. It’s a good use of an awkward space, and now the cans of cat food live in the former spice cabinet. 🙂 (Fun story: about three days before I had my daughter, I posted a grumbly Facebook update about how I had just alphabetized all my spices, and that baby needed to get out of me NOW.)

    I am in desperate need of organizing my pantry closet (which is about the size of a broom closet, it’s AWFUL) and wiping down the cabinets where I keep my baking supplies. Maybe Friday…

    • Stephanie — I love the story of your narrow spice holder, which sounds absolutely perfect. And the pregnancy alphabetization story made me smile!

      Our pantry is in transition right now, too… and there’s quite the mess while I try to get it dialed in. One day…

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