One of the things I can’t read about

The Jackdaws by Ken Follett
Here’s what I was wondering throughout this audiobook: Can I really count it, in good faith, as a “book I’ve read” if I skipped about 5 tracks of the CDs? Because I had to skip 5 whole tracks in order to avoid hearing scenes of torture (which I completely can’t handle as a reader/listener*). That’s a lot of torture, guys.
If I’d’ve known, I’d’ve picked a different book for the genre study, but I got partway in (and this already was my 2nd choice book, so time was a-wasting) and then discovered that one of the main characters was a Nazi who specialized in “interrogation.”
The plot: A team of women spies have to sneak into a Nazi stronghold to take out the phone system in the days before D-Day. A tough, but (of course) beautiful, woman named Flick leads the team, which runs into all kinds of horrible obstacles. Blah blah blah.
So I already knew I couldn’t handle torture scenes, but I’ve learned from this book that I really just don’t like Ken Follett. His characters seem flat to me, and I’m not all that jazzed by the plot.
Same thing with Night over Water, which I read some years ago.
Yeah, I know The Pillars of the Earth is said to be his best work, but you won’t find me reading it. I am moving on…

* Other things I can’t read about: prison, mental institutions, medical procedures, cruelty — especially cruelty to children (the first time I started a Harry Potter book, I had to put it down — that cupboard under the stairs was too much), and animals dying. I also detest “heartwarming.”

3 thoughts on “One of the things I can’t read about

  1. Tracy

    I'm with you. That's why I never finished The Kite Runner, Sarah's Key or A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier.

  2. Ugh. I totally agree with you that some things are just deal-breakers. For me? Child sexual abuse. (Child abuse in general; I've never understood the massive popularity of "A Child Called It.") I walked out of the movie "Sleepers" and am sure I would have had to stop reading the book as well.

  3. Tracy — Yup, I'm never reading The Kite Runner. Ain't gonna happen.

    Citizen — I'm with you. Those Dave Pelzer books — I just don't get the appeal. Along those lines — The Glass Castle — not gonna read that, either!

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