An offer we couldn’t refuse

The Godfather by Mario Puzo

One of us book club ladies was born in the year The Godfather was published. So we ladies, we read it.

And we were surprised—all of us—by how much we liked the thing.

I liked the writing style, I liked the storyline, and I liked the way the story was constructed.

As I was reading, the word “potboiler” kept popping into my head. But then I thought, No, this is too well-done to be such a thing.

Then I read the Afterword, which told me that, Guess what? Puzo needed money to pay off his (gambling and other) debts, so he wrote The Godfather specifically as a money-maker. He wrote it to be a bestseller, and he succeeded.

So, yeah, it’s a potboiler. But it’s a darn good one.

The key thing we (book club ladies) didn’t like was the way Puzo represented female characters. The stereotypes are really quite something. So we got a little bit animated about that, which is always fun.

Anyway: excellent book club book. We had a zippy little discussion and we ate pasta and drank wine. It was good times, I’m telling you.