NPR, I adore you, but…

… I simply cannot abide your book choices.
Why is this?
Day after day, I’ll hear book reviews on NPR, and they’re never
books I want to read. It’s puzzled me for years.
And their “best novels of 2011” list contains not a single thing
that I even liked. 
I read only one of these books (State of Wonder by Ann Patchett), and it was not my favorite thing. And three of these books I started and was not in the mood to
finish (The Marriage Plot, The Art of
and The Submission).
So I was just about to renounce all NPR book choices for all time,
when this little gem popped up on Facebook: NPR’s list of 2011’s best celebrity tell-alls
Now that’s my kind of
I’ve read only one of them so far (Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe), but I’ve just added
some of the others to my TBR.
Low brow at all? 
Guilty as charged.

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