News of libraries and good living

I’ve been on the lookout for library and good-living news, and we’ve got some fine stories here, my friends..

Theodore Roosevelt’s getting a library

I love me a good presidential library, and it’s always exciting to hear about a new one on the way for old TR.


While we’re talking TR and books… he was bookish as all heck and even had rules for reading. 

Public libraries keep on improving lives

Turns out, living near a library makes people’s lives better. I believe this in my bones and I love it.

And speaking of community-building…

Maybe talk to a stranger sometimes

Talking to strangers can also make us happier. Even for introverts. (Case in point: I talked with another runner — a woman who was a total stranger — on the path yesterday, and it made my run happier.)

Apollo 11 living history site


When the Dear Man sent me this article about the restoration of NASA Mission Control, I totally got verklempt.



So, good people… what articles are lighting up your life these days?

2 thoughts on “News of libraries and good living

  1. Diane

    I’m a definite introvert, yet often find myself making conversation with strangers in lines, at the library etc. It does make me feel better, especially when some seem lonely and/or elderly.

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