Never Elected… but still somehow it all worked out

Write It When I’m Gone: Remarkable Off-the-Record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford by Thomas M. DeFrank

I’ll admit it: I always thought Gerald Ford was rather dull. And I’ll admit it: I was dead wrong. Thomas DeFrank’s book made the difference. When Ford was Vice-President, he let slip to journalist DeFrank that he knew Nixon would resign and he would become President. He instructed DeFrank not to publish this admission and asked him to “write it when I’m gone.” After Ford’s defeat in the 1976 election, he and DeFrank continued to talk, and eventually they agreed that DeFrank could record their conversations and take notes for a book to be published after Ford’s death. The Gerald Ford we meet here is a candid, gregarious, and remarkably active person; a Republican party man to the core; and a master politician. And I’m charmed that he occasionally enjoyed hearing – and sharing – bits of gossip. I listened to the audiobook and was spellbound; spending time with President Ford is quite lovely. I had been saddened by his death in 2006, and now I miss him all the more. For more information about President Ford, check out his presidential library and museum.