Mystery series, still going strong

Garment of Shadows
by Laurie R. King
So Laurie R. King does a risky thing in this book: she inflicts
Mary Russell with amnesia. And, as even the characters in the book remark,
that’s something that usually happens only in books that need it as a plot
But in King’s hands, I’m telling you: it works.
And after the previous book in this series, Pirate King, felt a bit flat to me, it was a delight to find that
King has returned to fine form.
It’s hard to believe this is the 12th book in the
series, but that’s the situation.
Here, Russell and Holmes (once they reunite and Mary’s memory
returns) get involved in the labyrinthine politics of 1924 Morocco, and
people are getting kidnapped and shot at and run down by cars, and it’s all
wildly exciting.
The brothers Hazr (who appear in O Jerusalem and Justice Hall)
reappear here, which adds a blast-from-the-past aspect to an otherwise
unfamiliar setting.
In spite of all the high action that runs through the pages, the
thing that’ll stick with me about this book is the way Mary recognized Holmes
as belonging to her tribe even before she was able to remember who he was. That
was rather lovely.

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