My true s(h)elf

Ever since I ran across
this article about “you are your bookshelves,” I’ve again been thinking about
posting photos of my shelves—and then thinking, “Yeah, that ain’t gonna happen.”
Because it makes a
person feel a little bit exposed, you know? 
For example, there probably are
those who would judge me for placing a biography of Princess Diana a mere three
books away from my (very small) middle-brow poetry collection. Heck, there
probably are those who would judge me for owning
a Princess Diana biography. (Oh, people, I’ve got more than one…) Or for
the middle-browed-ness of the poetry, for pete’s sake.
And on this same
shelf, you’d find the Bible next to a book about Buddy Holly.*
So instead, I offer
you this one:

None of these books
will be a surprise to anyone who’s spent more than a minute hanging around
here. Here we’re plunked right down in the middle of the presidential history
books, in the Johnson – Obama years. Then we’ve got my tragic fire books (oh,
how I love them), followed by Buddy Holly (he’s all over the place), Walter
Cronkite, Arctic exploration, football, and a couple of life-changing reader’s advisory textbooks.
This is one of my
prime real estate shelves, located in the living room. Reasonably respectable,
heavily hardcover, and suitable for their location on the glamour wall
(built-in bookcases and fireplace).
You’ll just have to
wait to see the Princess Diana/poetry/Bible/Buddy Holly/women’s
history/shipwreck shelf. Someday. Maybe.
*Even truer
confession: I was going to brave posting the photo I took of that very shelf,
but the books are in a barrister bookcase, and the glass reflected the
photographer who was still in her pjs. We don’t want that on the interwebs now,
do we? 

9 thoughts on “My true s(h)elf

  1. Hahaha, I just discovered your blog today and it's a lovely way to start my week. I agree about the exposure thing, I keep debating sharing my shelves and then realising I have some very weirdly specific medieval history books and I'm not sure people really want to know how many monkish chronicles I own… 🙂

  2. I think I just got a whole lot smarter thanks to all the medical books covering our bookshelf courtesy of my medical student fiance. 😀

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