My top 5 favorite podcasts

So here’s the weird thing about me & podcasts.
While it would be predictable that my favorites would relate to books… they actually don’t.   
So today we’re gonna look at my top 5 favorite podcasts… the ones that I always choose first. Every single time I go for a run, one of these is in my ear at least part of the time.
Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project and Happier at Home and Better Than Before, co-hosts this podcast with her sister. I love everything about it: their rapport, the subject matter, their regular segments (demerit & gold star).

Darren Rowse, you’re making me a better blogger! (I have miles yet to go, but this guy is seriously informative and helpful and inspiring.)

Amy Porterfield is an online entrepreneur, and her podcast is designed for others in that field. And even though that’s totally not me, I find her enjoyable to listen to. Also, she’s friendly and encouraging, and I like that, too.

A podcast custom-made for me? This is it. Presented by a Washington Post reporter, and featuring lots of heavy hitters in the presidential biography world, each episode describes one U.S. President and his times.

Those Brian Lamb C-SPAN author interviews? They’re available as a podcast. Often he interviews authors of nonfiction books about politics and history, and those are usually my favorite episodes. 
So that rounds out my top 5. Stay tuned for future posts about the bookish podcasts, the lifelong learning podcasts…   
What I’m saying is: I got lots more to say about podcasts. 

What are the podcasts you can’t get enough of?


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3 thoughts on “My top 5 favorite podcasts

  1. I love the idea of Podcasts. I used to listen to more then a few. Time is a bit short now however and I have cut back.

    I tended to listen to political as well as craft beer themed podcasts. I wish that there were more dedicated to literature.

  2. Brian — Agreed! I find that I tend to cast about for book-related podcasts. And it doesn't help that I'm fairly picky. But I'll post my favorite book-related podcasts sometime sorta soon.

  3. I'm also listening to more podcasts less about books 'cause I can just check in with my favorite book bloggers 😉 The podcast that I consistently listen to is TED Radio hour. It always have something that satisfies my mind and soul.

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