My boxcar days

Hello! to my hardcover children’s classics

Anyone else old-school enough in their childhood reading, that they were completely obsessed by The Boxcar Chidren

Yeah, me, too.

I still think about that book sometimes — how the children were so resilient and hardworking and honest and kind and cheerful. 

They made do, with so little! And they liked it!

It feeds that part of me that keeps reading all the self-improvement books

(I know: annoying and sickeningly earnest.)

So when I saw this headline, I got super excited: 
“The Boxcar Children” and the Spirit of Capitalism

It’s an article in the New Yorker by Jia Tolentino, and it explores the Puritanical work ethic stuff in the book. 

And the inevitable happy ending. 

Pretty darn fascinating. 

I was a little afraid the article would rip the book to shreds, which I don’t think it does. It’s a critique, but an intriguing, fair-minded one. 

And it goes gently on the way the book led into a mystery series about the same children. I loved, loved, loved those mysteries, even though I knew they were kind of a strange spin-off from the original book with its old-fashioned notions. Suddenly, the kids are solving crimes

But heck. I’m still a sucker for a good mystery.

Anyone else a Boxcar Children fan? Original book or series… or both? 

8 thoughts on “My boxcar days

  1. My mom was devoted to the Boxcar Children during her 1940s childhood. They are to her what the Little House books are to me. As for myself and the Boxcar Children, I read them too late, only a few short years ago.

  2. I loved The Boxcar Children…especially Surprise Island. That one was my favorite. I read it every summer for years. 🙂

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