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Killshot by Elmore Leonard

When anyone says the words “Elmore Leonard,” I get a dreamy look in my eye. I adore that guy.

So when a friend chose one of his books for our book club, I was a happy girl.
Then I got partway through the audiobook, and my happiness began to wane a bit. And I know exactly why.
This book gave me a feeling of dread, and I thought, “This thing’s a horror novel!”*
Because here’s the premise: A nice, ordinary couple, through no fault of their own, find themselves pursued by a professional hit man and his sociopathic sidekick. So they enter the witness protection program, and that’s a whole new nightmare. 
And meanwhile, during at least half of the book, we’re hanging out with the bad guys. And I’ve basically decided life is too short to waste on such stuff, so I would’ve bailed on the book had it not been assigned for book club.
Also, I knew Elmore wouldn’t let me down. And sure enough, he brought it home in style. But still, I think I’ll be spending more time on the sunny side of the street. 
*It’s not. 

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