Moody marriage book*

Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates
It’s Friday the 13th. Let’s party!
Today it’s all about one of them depressing books.
But this thing makes for one amazing book discussion. (At book club, we actually talked about the book for more than an hour! And kept returning to it… as eyes will return to a train wreck…)
So yes, this book was made into a movie that reunited Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio for the first time since Titanic (a movie I secretly adore. Don’t. Tell. Anyone.)
And yes, the movie, Revolutionary Road, is why I know about the book. It turns out Richard Yates was one of those big authors of the ’60s that nobody today’s ever heard of. (Sucks to be him, huh?)
So in this book, there’s oodles of marital dysfunction. There’s the whole Feminine Mystique dissatisfaction thing. There’s the moving-to-the-suburbs thing. There’s lots of putting on appearances and deception (of one’s spouse, of the neighbors, of oneself). Everyone’s fatally flawed and not being redeemed.
It is truly depressing as all hell.
And, while watching the movie, after reading the book, the comments went like this: “That’s just like in Mad Men! …And so is that!”
Maybe it just tapped into the late ’50s/early ’60s zeitgeist, or maybe this book started a whole little revolution of its own.
* Yup. There are others that are like this, and I’ve read them recently. If you, too, just can’t get enough of the marital dysfunction, try these:This Is Just Exactly Like You by Drew PerryModel Home by Eric Puchner

2 thoughts on “Moody marriage book*

  1. There's an episode of Seinfeld in season one called The Jacket, featuring Elaine's father. That character was based on Richard Yates.

    I keep thinking I might be able to talk my book group into reading Revolutionary Road.

  2. Bybee,

    Oh, I love this kind of information! I was actually thinking earlier today that I'm going to have to check out Seinfeld on DVD to watch them all from season 1 on. Now I've got some good literary background info!

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