Money, money, money!

The 10 Commandments of Money: Survive and Thrive in the New Economy by Liz Weston
Liz Weston is one of my favorite personal finance writers, plus she seems nice when she appears on Marketplace Money to answer callers’ questions. (I like nice.)
I was curious to find out if this book would be terribly similar to the other general personal finance books out there, or if it would offer some new stuff—which thankfully it does.
I’m a sucker for personal finance books, and some of them are pretty dumb. And some of them think the reader is pretty dumb. And some of them simply say the same exact thing as every other personal finance book in existence.
Liz Weston doesn’t do those things. She offers up-to-date advice about personal finance topics, from retirement savings to insurance to anticipating home repair costs.
Plus, she writes in a casual style that makes the stuff easy to read, and that’s quite an accomplishment when you’re talking about establishing an emergency fund.
Since I consume these books like bonbons (yes, this may be a sickness), one of my tests is: How many items did I add to my financial to-do list, based on this book’s advice?
This book passes the test. I’ve got a list of un-fun but important things I should follow up on. Which I’d say makes the book well worth reading, even if you’ve already read dozens of these books. And if you haven’t read dozens, this is a good one to pick if suddenly you’re consumed by the urge to read a personal finance book.