Mid-year challenge check-up

The year’s halfway through (how did that happen?!) so I’m taking the pulse of my reading challenges.
And I am happy to report that I am feeling pretty dadgum amazing.
Here’s the progress:
5/10 books
19/44 books [this is one of those lifelong challenges]
8/10 books
66/75 books
20/10 newly published books
5/10 biographies
9/5 audiobooks
14/5 romance
64/75 total books
2/3 books
11/8 books [challenge completed! Yet I read on…]
So I’m feeling good about my progress.
So much so that recently I was heckled—heckled!—by a friend who suggested that I was wimping out by choosing the 75-book level for the Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge. And yes, I do wish I’d chosen the 100-book level, in large part because its button is hella cute:

But when I signed up for that reading challenge back in late 2009, my life did not yet include this:

Oh, yes, it looks like a plain old cabinet, dudn’t it?
But, no, my friends, that cabinet hides this little beauty, fondly known around these parts as “The Labor Saving Device” (which I don’t abbreviate, because “LSD” is not a very nice abbreviation.) It was installed and customized by a complete genius.

Another librarian/reader told me that when her kitchen acquired a dishwasher, it changed her life.
And hallelujah!