Marital politics

The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close
3 words: domestic, conversational, uneasy
She’s got some serious talent at both creating believable characters and writing stylishly and elegantly. 
I had a really hard time putting this book down. It just kept tugging at me. And not because it’s some wild, adrenaline-rush thriller. It’s pretty much the opposite: a domestic novel about a young, newly married couple and the way the guy’s career affects their lives.
And it’s all super pleasant to read, because of all that nice writing.
Though: basically, this book is kind of a quiet, peaceful horror story.
It goes something like this:
Young happy beautiful couple befriends another young happy beautiful couple, and then Things Go Bad.
In this case, it all goes bad in a realm I completely love love love.
This book takes place in the world of electoral politics.
And people, I love a good campaign.
But this book… it exposes the dark underbelly. Here, we’re seeing it from the point of view of Beth, who is married to the manager of their good friend’s campaign.
And the results… they ain’t pretty.
Happily for us, this makes for a whopping good story. 

So… anyone else read anything fictionally political this election year?