Loving… and Hating… Frank

Loving Frank by Nancy Horan
I selected this book for our book club, then assiduously avoided reading it.
Not sure what that was about.
Especially since, once I started the book, I tore through it in 3 days, so the author did something right. (Also, the book club was only 6 days away.)
This is that novel about Frank Lloyd Wright and Mamah Borthwick Cheney, the woman who left her husband and children to be Wright’s lover. (Note: Guess what? He left his spouse and children, too!) Scandalous, right?
Here, yes, but no, but really: yes.
The book, told from Mamah’s point of view (but thankfully, not first person—the book started out in her voice, and I was really not liking it one bit; the third person viewpoint was a very welcome shift), tries to explain how things happened between them. And OK, she was in a loveless marriage, and that sucks. I just really don’t get how she left her children.
Here’s the other thing: I really dislike Frank Lloyd Wright as a human. He was a womanizer, and he didn’t pay his workers. I really detest those things (though I somehow keep reading about JFK, and somehow he gets away with that womanizing crap).
And Mamah, even though we’re (I think) supposed to “understand” her from this book, was all messed up, too.
(Guess who’s in a judgmental mood this evening?)
So this one of those book club gatherings where we got all excited and kept interrupting each other. Meaning: this is one heck of a book club choice.

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  1. Bybee — You're onto something there!

    Elisabeth — I know what you mean — listening can create a whole different experience. (If only one could skim while listening!) : )

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