Love Is All Around

Beginner’s Greek by James Collins

Beginner’s Greek is just the book I needed right now. It’s a big, blustery, old-fashioned yet modern, romantic comedy— and who wouldn’t feel gratified by that? Here we’ve got star-crossed lovers who are polite enough that they keep their love for one another under wraps—which initially is a darn good thing, because she (Holly) has married his (Peter’s) best friend Jonathan. Years before, Peter and Holly met on an airplane, and she gave him her phone number— which he promptly lost. (Argh!) Fast-forward a few years, and Holly has met Jonathan and fallen in love— and they marry. Poor Peter eventually becomes resigned that this is the way it’s going to be, and he meets and marries Charlotte. But then at their wedding, something happens and everything is turned upside down. Sort of. While it seems inevitable that Peter and Holly will end up together, it seems darned difficult during most of the book, which I’d argue is a good thing. (Otherwise, no story!) In the meantime, we meet a nice big cast of characters— stepmothers and sisters and colleagues— most of whom interconnect by the book’s end. Simply put: This book is set in a world where there’s enough love to go around.