Libraries of the Netherlands, Book 2

More Netherlands, more libraries!
Partway through our
visit to the Netherlands, my
friend and I took a day trip to Utrecht.

My friend’s destination: Centraal Museum. She’s an artist, so she knows museums, and she couldn’t say enough good things about this one. If we’re lucky, maybe she’ll write about it in the Comments. 

My destination: Het Utrechts Archief. City archives, baby. 
The archivists were kind and helpful and (mercifully) English-speaking, and they helped me find my Dutch ancestors in the 1830 and 1840 records, where we learned the names of the streets where they lived. (At this point, I was so wiggly I could barely stay in my seat.)
Then I hiked to that area of town and strolled those very streets and had a super-geek bliss-out attack of massive proportions. (I’ve not yet fully recovered.)

And there was a windmill in their neighborhood, which only caused further glee. 

Then: back to Amsterdam, where we visited elegant old canal houses that contained libraries of their own. 

 And the sort of book we all can identify with…

And then we hurled ourselves back onto an airplane and read books on the way home. 

The End.*

*unless I decide to post photos of bookshops