Laughed out loud. Repeated as necessary.

This Is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper

There’s no reason this book should be funny. There’s every reason it shouldn’t be: Judd’s father has just died, his wife has just left him for his boss, he’s (therefore) jobless, and his entire family is dysfunctional as all heck.

And now I’ve just explained why this book is so blasted hilarious.
Judd’s father’s last wish was for his family to sit shiva. So Judd, wry sister Wendy, bitter older brother Paul, and lovable loser of a little brother Phillip return to their childhood home to be penned up with their larger-than-life therapist mother for seven days. All of them have complicated love lives, and everyone except Judd has a spouse or girlfriend who creates their own special drama—as if there weren’t enough already.
This book’s got it all: fistfights, grown men smoking in the boys’ room (and setting off the fire alarm), marital infidelity, darling children learning how to swear without saying the words, romantic confusion all over the place, and people sitting on the roof (and falling off it).
Through it all, Judd’s straight-man narration and dry sense of humor make the whole thing terribly funny, even when it’s terribly serious.
These people are so imperfect, a near-perfect book was practically guaranteed.

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