Karma at the Little Free Library

So there I am, walking along to warm up for a run, and guys! Little Free Library!
Right here in my very own town.
And it’s hella cute.
So I stopped and peeked in there to see what-all they had.
It was actually a decent mix of fiction and nonfiction, stuff for grown-ups and stuff for kids.
So now it’s become kind of a ritual. As I’m warming up, I swing by and peek into the Little Free Library.
So then, on a recent day off, I decided to dash down there to add a book to the Little Free collection. I placed the book in the Library, and was closing the door when I saw it: a book I wanted to read.
A book that hadn’t been there 7 hours earlier when I took a look before my run.
 Reader, I borrowed that book.
Proud new borrower here, of Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashwell.
I’ll be perusing it while sipping tea. (Total lie. I don’t drink tea.)

I’ll peruse it while belting down some super-charged black coffee.

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