“It’s So Easy”* (Buddy Holly Reading Spree, Book 2)

Remembering Buddy: The Definitive Biography of Buddy Holly by John Goldrosen and John Beecher

This book is a must-see, if only for the pictures: there’s a photo on nearly every page. Since I always am photo-hungry when reading nonfiction, I was well pleased by this book. One thing I noticed: this book doesn’t cover anything too personal, and it certainly doesn’t address anything that would put Buddy Holly in a bad light. If you’re looking for hagiography, this just may be your best bet.

Nonetheless, the authors interviewed many of the insiders from back in the day, so the text is sprinkled with wonderful anecdotes. This book also satisfies my reference librarian geek-out need for additional resources: there are appendices that list all known recordings by Buddy Holly, all recordings featuring vocals or solo instrumentals by Buddy Holly, all recordings by other artists featuring Buddy Holly as an instrumentalist or backing vocalist, and all tour dates and locations (many of them in Iowa!) I love this stuff!

*I grew up hearing Linda Rondstadt’s cover of this song, which I confess I never liked. However, the Buddy Holly & the Crickets original is fantastic! The way he sings the word “doggone” reinforces my view that this word is grossly underused and should be brought back into common parlance. I’m doing my part in the cause: Please see: “I Read It Against My Will” and “Booking Through Thursday: The Numbers Game.”