It’s book club month!

I love it that October is National Reading Group Month.  
It’s the month when I start to feel like settling in for some cozy evenings at home with a book. 
And sometimes, a book and some friends and some beverages and some snacks.
My current book club’s been on the go since 2007, and we continue to surprise each other with the books we select. And sometimes, we don’t surprise ourselves at all. (We each have types of books that are deal-breakers.)
Whatever our quirks, I find our full list to be a weird and wonderful thing. 
In other book club-y news, earlier this year, I rolled out the Discussability Score, which prompts me to really analyze how well a book performed under the pressure of a 5 to 45 minute discussion. (The ones that don’t do so very well? They’re the 5-minute discussion wonders.) 
And soon I’ll do another book club update, but for now, suffice it to say: we’ve recently read a children’s classic, followed by a contemporary popular work of sociology, and there’s a fantasy novel on the horizon. (It’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman. Had to tell you that, because I’m about to ask…)
All you good people of book clubs… What’re you reading this month?

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  1. Of course you know I'm jealous of your book club. 🙂 I looked at the list of books you've read, and you've chosen a lot of really good ones. And I really admire their diversity. Happy Reading!

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