Introducing… Book Bingo!

Guys, this is an original creation you see before you.

My friend and I had so much fun doing Reading Bingo this year, we created our own bingo card for 2015.

During the year, we kept track of genres and topics we wanted to add to the list, then merged the lists, and here’s what we got.

Then the Dear Man performed a feat of graphic design and made it look all terrific, and now we’re in business.

You’re invited to play along!

You can snag the digital bingo card from right above, or visit our website to find the printable version.

On the website, we’ve also posted the rules and definitions, in case you want to be a stickler about it–or want an interpretation of any of the topics on the bingo card.

2015 promises to be wildly bookish. Aren’t you just kind of too excited for words?


7 thoughts on “Introducing… Book Bingo!

  1. Love the Bingo card; I've already printed out my copy for next year. But you chose some challenging categories. I think I'm going to struggle with the Book of Essays and also War. But I LOVE the 300 pages or fewer category. Umm…what about the Writing category? Did you mean a book about writing…or a book beautifully written?
    Anyway, thanks for coming up with this fun card and sharing it! 🙂 I'm excited for another year of Reading Bingo.

    • Anonymous

      War can be as simple as The Hunger Games or even a psychological novel where someone is in battle with their demons. It can even be a period piece where wartime is the backdrop. You just need to argue [with yourself] as to why it fits within the War theme. The idea is to read, not do homework. — Mary Kay

  2. Yay! So excited you're doing bingo!

    You'll do fine with the essays and war. For the essays, my secret weapon is compilations of journalists' columns. And there are lots of novels set during wars — it doesn't need to be a battlefield book.

    For Writing, you could go with either of the options you mentioned. Both qualify!

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