Introducing Book Bingo 2023

Welcome to Book Bingo 2023!

Ready to do some reading? Same here!

The Bingo Card

The Theme

This year’s theme is School — because that’s what came to me in a dream. (Actually, I was just brainstorming topics and the theme emerged all on its own.)

The Team

Book Bingo happens each year because of the collaborative efforts of two of the world’s finest humans

  • My dear friend, who brings inspiration and humor and intelligence and fun to the whole process
  • The Dear Man, who brings the graphical brilliance and creativity and delight to our design every year. We give him a few phrases and he turns it into something beautiful.

How to Play

  • Read a book that fits the category. Each book can qualify for only one category.
  • Complete just one row or column, or go for blackout by reading a book in every category.
  • All books must be finished in 2023. Books started in 2022 but finished in 2023 count.
  • We’ve provided some definitions, but you can free-style it if you like—as long as you can make a case that the book fits the category. (This is one of my favorite sports)
  • All categories can be fiction or nonfiction (your choice), unless otherwise specified.

The Categories

To Sign Up

Couldn’t be easier… just leave a Comment on this post with your name. If you’re a blogger, also include your blog name & URL so we can follow along with you.


The Printables

Here’s the bingo card in pdf format:

Questions? Answers!

If you have any questions about any of the categories, ask your question in the Comments of this post, and I promise I’ll respond.

Now let’s start reading, my friends!

8 thoughts on “Introducing Book Bingo 2023

  1. Fun! I love your school-related categories for next year’s Bingo. You always come up with some interesting ones. And you know how much I love doing Reading Bingo! Can’t wait to print this one out and start planning books to read for it. 😀

    • Susan,
      Thank you for posting Book Bingo on your lovely blog — I really appreciate it!
      I know the feeling of too-many-reading-challenges… so make sure you keep your reading life fun and not overbooked. (Ha! Bad pun)

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