Introducing Book Bingo 2022

Welcome to Book Bingo 2022!

Let’s do some reading, shall we?

The Theme

This year’s theme is Time because we just kept thinking of time-related topics. And who doesn’t love a nice clockface image?

The Team

Book Bingo happens each year because of the collaborative efforts of two of the world’s finest humans

  • My dear friend, who brings inspiration and humor and intelligence and fun to the whole process
  • The Dear Man, who brings the graphical brilliance and creativity and delight to our design every year. We give him a few phrases and he turns it into something beautiful.

How to Play

  • Read a book that fits the category. Each book can qualify for only one category.
  • Complete just one row or column, or go for blackout by reading a book in every category.
  • All books must be finished in 2022. Books started in 2021 but finished in 2022 count.
  • We’ve provided some definitions, but you can free-style it if you like—as long as you can make a case that the book fits the category. (This is one of my favorite sports)
  • All categories can be fiction or nonfiction (your choice), unless otherwise specified.

The Categories

To Sign Up

Couldn’t be easier… just leave a Comment on this post with your name. If you’re a blogger, also include your blog name & URL so we can follow along with you.

The Printables

Here’s the bingo card in pdf format:

Questions? Answers!

If you have any questions about any of the categories, ask your question in the Comments of this post, and I promise I’ll respond.


Now let’s start doing some reading, my friends!

21 thoughts on “Introducing Book Bingo 2022

  1. Rebecca Sweeney

    Hello, I’m interested in the book bingo. I have read the rules/instructions & printed the bingo card.
    My name is Rebecca Sweeney. I’m not sure what else I have to do to register…??

    • Hi Rebecca,

      Welcome! Good news — by adding your comment, you’re registered! We keep it easy around here. Thanks for joining Book Bingo, and enjoy your year of reading.


  2. Michele

    I’m in again! Like Cath, I had a lot of fun with last year’s bingo. To be honest, I enjoy researching titles as much as reading!

  3. tracybham

    Hi, This is TracyK at Bitter Tea and Mystery and I want to sign up for the Book Bingo 2022. I have done a sign up post, but when I try to comment including the link, WordPress won’t take the comment. Anyway, this is just to say I will be taking part and it looks like fun.

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