In which I visit the NYPL and get scolded

On my friends’ and my recent New York ladies’ night out (times 3, plus days), we visited the New York Public Library because we had a librarian in our midst. 

And two recovering English majors. 

It wasn’t a hard sell.

We were greeted by the lions.

Here’s Patience. 

Or maybe it’s Fortitude.

Then we went inside and I got verklempt upon reading this statement.

And we scouted around until we found the famous reading room. 

And I took lots of photos.

…including photos of the glamorous ceiling. 

Then I tried to take a photo of their other lovely reading room — the one you can’t photograph* (yeah, that one) — and I got all library-cop-scolded and halted in my tracks.  

Yes, people, I had the full NYPL experience.

I got Bookmanned.

So then I scuttled outside in abject shame. 

But Patience (or Fortitude) didn’t harbor hard feelings.

*I swear I didn’t know. I did the thing people do and completely missed the sign.

4 thoughts on “In which I visit the NYPL and get scolded

  1. Why can't you photograph that room? Glad you got a picture of the lion! It's my dream to see them in real life one day. I also got verklempt about the sign.

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