I’m no Julia Child

 My Life in France by Julia Child with Alex Prud’homme

3 words: enthusiastic, personal growth, amiable

OK, I’m seriously no Julia Child.

But I’m seriously part of her fan club.

That Julia, she’s all about pursuing her passions and personal development and learning. And I really love hanging out with people like that.

Lifelong learners, you are my tribe.

This book’s been around for years, and I only stumbled on it because Gretchen Rubin wrote that one of her favorite posts was the one she’d written about My Life in France.

And it made me want to read Child’s book. Bientôt!

And while I knew only a few facts about Julia Child when I began reading, I liked her immediately. And her story of self-discovery and self-actualization completely resonated with me.

Here’s what’s great about this book:

First, Julia’s voice is clear and brisk and confident and engaging. It’s fun to read her words.

Second, it’s also the story of a marvelous partnership. She and her husband Paul supported one another’s interests and worked together as a team.

Third, it’s a celebration of mentorship and collaboration. Julia gives full credit to her teachers and the other chefs who inspired her, and to her early co-authors and colleagues.

Finally, this is one joyful memoir. It’s downright jubilant. Once Julia found her passion, she threw herself into the hard work of mastery, and she conveys the delight she took in the work. It made me happy to read about it.

How about you — ever read a memoir that made you happy just reading it?


6 thoughts on “I’m no Julia Child

  1. I recently read William Shatner's memoir of Leonard Nimoy…which I guess makes it a biography…but it reads more like a memoir, and I loved it. It made me smile all the way through. (But then Spock always makes me happy.)

  2. My wife read this and loved it. There are some great memoirs out from the cooks. From what I have been told, this may be the best of them.

    Julia Child seemed like such an interesting person.

  3. Brian — I think it probably is one of the best. She's super famous, and her book is really candid and real — which seems like a winning combination for best chef memoir.

  4. Right after I read My Life in France, I was lucky enough to visit the Smithsonian and see Julia Child's kitchen from her TV show. That memoir was one that made me happy. I sparkled for days.

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