I’m a Leslie & a Lisa

Pawnee in Pasadena! Courtesy of the Dear Man  

BOOKRIOT is alive with geeky, bookish TV people these days. 

Here’s how to diagnose yourself as a Parks & Recreation reader

(I’m a Leslie Knope, but we already knew that.)

If you’re more of a Simpsons person, check out the Lisa Simpson Book Club

And if you’re feeling more traditional, you can read instead about life lessons from the Brontes.

One final item, that made me even happier than usual…  

In her new mini-podcast episodes called “A Little Happier,” Gretchen Rubin focused this week on the simple joy of a visit to the library. 

I’m totally hooked on her Happier podcast, and it’s even better to get these little bonus episodes once a week. Three minutes of library gushing, people. Well worth listening.

And that’s our bookish web round-up for this week!