I want more! (What else is new?)

(Confession: Great-looking logos are a serious enticement for me to participate in challenges.
I also judge books by their covers. Come on, you do it, too, if you’re really honest about it! [Right?])
Here are the premise and the guidelines:
Have you read a book and at the end said you must read another by this author but haven’t? Then this Challenge is for you, what are you waiting for. 🙂 There are so many amazing authors but sometimes we get caught up in reading all the new we forget about the authors that have already impressed, excited us, gave us what all readers want, a great read, that wow moment, so this Challenge is to show all the authors that have pleased us already how thankful we are by reading more of their literary works.
* Challenge Dates: January 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011

* All Genres are Welcome

* This challenge does NOT include Series, only stand alone

* See Levels below, you can change at any time if increasing, you cannot decrease once signed up.

* All forms of books will count – eBooks, Audiobooks, etc

* You do not have to list the chosen books ahead of time and your choices can crossover into other challenges you have joined.

* If you participate in this challenge please signup below. Either post and link back here with your direct link to your intro challenge post or put Challenge Button on sidebar linking back here please. In your post give us an idea of what authors impressed you so now You Want More.

* Monthly Giveaways – More details to follow soon

Level of Participation

Waited too long: 2 – 4 books
Give me more: 5 – 8 books
Never too much: 9 – 12 books

I am going to participate at the “Waited Too Long” level, which means I’ll select 2-4 books by authors I’ve read before.
While I am not committing to any authors in particular until I test-drive the books (fussy, I know, but life is too short to spend on books one doesn’t like!) I will say that these authors are already on my list of authors to consider for this challenge:
Tim O’BrienNatalie BabbittJonathan TropperBill BrysonRebecca Stead
I’ll use this page as my home base for this challenge. I can already tell: this will be a good one!
Books Read

1. Goody Hall by Natalie Babbitt

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