I read the law, and the law won

Sycamore Row by John Grisham

3 words:
detailed, solid, storytelling
tell anyone, but this is the first Grisham novel I’ve ever read. And it was
rather an enjoyable experience.
course, everyone knows he’s the reigning monarch of the legal thriller. But
just because someone is popular doesn’t necessarily mean he’s terrifically
Grisham’s a skilled storyteller. The plot here canters along steadily. There’s
a fair amount of legal detail, but nothing tedious—he keeps it moving. And the
characters are more than cardboard cutouts, so characterization isn’t
sacrificed in the name of plot.
In other
words, Grisham has everything you’d want from a storyteller.
In Sycamore Row, Grisham returns to his
roots: handsome, young attorney Jake Brigance, the legal star of his first
novel, A Time to Kill, is again
called upon to take a complex and somewhat unpopular case in his rural
Mississippi county. This time around, a local millionaire has left his fortune
to his nurse, which raises some eyebrows around town—and seriously stirs up his
wasp’s nest of a family.
job is to prove that the will should be upheld. Sounds simple, but obviously
isn’t, or we wouldn’t have a big old novel to read.
Grisham was perfectly pleasant. I had the sensation of being on board a plane
flown by a capable, long-time pilot who takes the scenic route for the benefit
of the passengers. Takes a little longer to reach the destination, but the
journey is part of the fun. 
P.S. Thanks to the two kind people who lent me their copies. 

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