I Read an Adventure Novel

Call to Arms by W.E.B. Griffin

I have prescribed some adventure books for myself. I read Call to Arms (book 2 of The Corps series) so I’d be starting near the beginning of the series, at the point where Griffin hits his stride with the series. So I started in, and here’s what I found: quite a good story, especially for those who read for plot. As a person who reads for character, I confess to feeling a bit underwhelmed, particularly by the female characters, who struck me as rather predictable and pliant. But I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of detail Griffin provided about the various main male characters’ lives. Griffin is also masterful in moving smoothly among the various storylines, in a way that kept me hooked. I’d expected lots of war scenes, but much of the story here revolved around training and the political wrangling involved in setting up the short-lived Marine Raiders force during WWII. I was aware of the Raiders’ existence, but had no idea about their background or the concerns their presence caused within the larger Corps. (If the Raiders were successful, would it mean the end of the Marine Corps as they knew it?) If I had fewer other unread books on my bookshelf, I’d probably read book 3 in the series.