I Pinch Pennies and I’m Proud *of* It

The New Frugality: How to Consume Less, Save More, and Live Better by Chris Farrell
I’ve had a frugalista crush on Chris Farrell for a few years now.
He’s often on Marketplace Money, an NPR program I love to listen to as a podcast; he’s the guy who sometimes answers personal finance questions for listeners and sometimes does commentary. And he’s gentle and kind and perfectly lovely, and he has a soothing voice.
In his book, here’s the tone: gentle and kind and perfectly lovely; soothing voice.
How can a person not love Chris Farrell? I ask you!
The thing I like about his outlook, and about this book, is that he reminds us that we’ve got to save like mad fiends, but also that we need to live our lives today. He mentions the example of his late father, who said on his deathbed that he had had a good life. So here, the “good life” idea comes through over and over.
He’s also clear, however, that living the high life today means that tomorrow pretty much will suck. (my words, not his) Instead, it’s about finding that balance between spending on the things that one truly values, while also saving so that one can enjoy those same things in the future.
I didn’t go into this book, intending to read it as part of the ThemeQuest Reading Challenge, but it definitely fits my theme of “balance.” So… it’s in!

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