I love planning.

It’s 9 days to the Read-a-Thon, and I’m gathering books like a wild fiend.
Here are two piles of books that I’m likely to dip into during that day.
I’ve already started three of them, and they’re sure bets (assuming I’m in the mood for them).
There are also three reading challenge books here, plus two books I picked up on a whim. One book: recommended by a friend. And one more is part of a favorite mystery series, which also originally was recommended to me by a friend.
I have forbidden myself to open these seven books until April 10, which makes me want to read them right now.
It has occurred to me that if audiobooks are allowed, I could even go for a walk while listening to an e-audiobook on my iPod. Oh, happiness!
This evening I am going to begin plotting food for the big day.
I dearly love planning.

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