I know authors.

So, as I mentioned, at Casa Unruly, I’m tearing through seasons of The Wire like it’s assigned viewing and the test is approaching fast (except that I’m enjoying the hell out of it, which usually doesn’t exactly happen with assigned/tested stuff).

And twice now, the librarian in the room has hollered out the name of an author who’s appeared on the screen.

(It goes like this: Suddenly sits up straight. Hollers: “That’s Dennis Lehane!”)

Yes, one time, it was really Dennis Lehane! Seeing him on the screen, in a bit part as a police officer in season 3, I became nearly as unhinged as the time I saw him in real life. (I had to watch it a couple of times while doing some gazing-in-delight at the fella.)

And then, at the beginning of season 5, Laura Lippman showed up.

I know someone who claims to have a knack for spotting librarians from 50 yards away.

But I… I can spot authors. Even when they’re mixed in with actors, I can spot ’em. Man, it makes me feel librarian-ish. In the best possible way.

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