How to read more books

Woohoo — there’s a line at the grocery store!

I know: life’s busy. 

And most of us wish we could eke out more time for reading. 

So we’ve got to get creative, my friends. 

Here are my favorite hacks for tricking my life into giving me more reading time…

Listen to audiobooks everywhere

  • driving
  • folding laundry
  • exercising
  • shopping for groceries
  • gardening (I’m told this is a fine time to listen, but I can’t personally vouch for it) 
  • doing the dishes
  • cleaning the house 

Multi-type your listening

  • Have a CD audiobook in your car, and an eAudiobook on your phone so it goes with you everywhere

Speed it up

  • When listening to eAudiobooks, see if the app will let you speed up the narrator’s pace. (I’ve grown accustomed to 1.25 pace, and I ain’t goin’ back.)

Make it portable

  • Always have an ebook on your phone. Or a paperback in your bag.

Make reading convenient as all heck by planting books everywhere

  • bedside table 
  • your staging area, so you grab a book on your way out of the house
  • anyplace you like to sit
  • kitchen table 
  • any bag you carry

Hack your schedule

  • Arrive somewhere early and read

Cook + book

  • Read while stirring and sautéing
  • Let yourself read while food is in the oven

Go to bed early (except… don’t)

  •  Set an alarm a half hour before your bedtime and then read in bed like it’s a virtuous assignment instead of a luxury
  • If you’re a morning person, set a wake-up alarm half an hour early to read (and then set another alarm to remind you that it’s time to get on with your day)

So those are my favorite ways to sneak in more reading time. I’m especially fond of the Cook/Book Technique and the Pretend-to-Go-to-Bed-Early Tactic.

What are your favorite methods for grabbing more time to read? 

2 thoughts on “How to read more books

  1. I'd like to quit my job and spend my mornings reading instead. 🙂 But since that's impractical and unrealistic, I usually spend my lunch hours reading rather than eating. (Because sometimes books are more important than food.)

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