How to find great audiobooks

June is Audiobooks Month, and I’m seriously celebrating!
And you can, too. 
Here are some ways to find great audiobooks.

Of course. Ask your librarian for some suggestions! (We love that.)

Personal recommendation

First, you know know an avid audiobook listener, ask that person! A friend of mine did this recently, and it totally made my day to suggest audiobooks to her.  

Yeah, you’re gonna want the Audies website.
Every year AudioFile gives Audie awards to audiobooks in tons of categories, so all you have to do is find a category you like, and listen to a winner. These are all solid choices. They’re also safe bets if you want to venture outside your usual reading comfort zone, because the Audie’s have got you covered: this stuff’s gonna be great.
Listen to audiobook samples online. They’re available all over the place: your library catalog and eAudiobook apps; Audible; Because let’s face it: some audiobook narrators are going to make you want to reach for headphones of the voice-cancelling variety. Some narrators’ voices, you’re just not gonna like. It’s OK. Just “acknowledge and move on,” as my wise and hilarious friend would intone.

My fellow audio addicts… What’s your favorite way to discover new audiobooks?

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  1. I'm new-ish to audios but the ones I've listened to were so great. I'll have to check out the Audie website for recs. I tend to enjoy the ones where the narrators have accents (funnily enough). For some reason I feel even more swept away.

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