Hour 4 — Snacking already

Cadbury eggs are the best food on earth and happily occur during spring Read-a-Thon season.

Yes, I’m carrying on my Read-a-Thon tradition of Eating Like a Horse Whilst Sitting on My Bum All the Livelong Day.
It’s morning in America, and I’m eating the junkiest of junk food.
I was weirdly sleepy during Hour 3 (in spite of the excellent book), so I figured a good sugar high/sugar low would kickstart my system!
Since I am loving Packing for Mars, I am not even trying to read fast. I’m just reading all normal-like and therefore am only on page 168.
Reading spots thus far: at the kitchen table; in the very cute little slouchy chair
Have been popping around to a few blogs, and now am returning to the reading…

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