His voice = perfection

A Drink before the War by Dennis Lehane
I’d follow Dennis Lehane anywhere. And I must say, he goes some unpleasant places. But he’s darn good company.
When I heard that this was a mystery series about two detectives whose office was in a church belfry, I knew I had to read these books. A Drink before the War is the first in the series, and it is an amazing thing.
It’s a classic first-person private investigator novel, but in this case the narrator is Patrick Kenzie of south Boston. He’s got a bit of an attitude, and he’s wonderfully imperfect. I liked him right away.
His business partner, Angie Gennaro is tough and not to be tangled with—except that her husband beats her. This is not your father’s private eye novel.
The thing that stands out for me in this book is Patrick’s voice. He describes some gritty, horrible scenes, but then on the next page, he’ll be commenting wryly about something else in such a way that I can’t help but smile. No wonder I have a big old author-crush on Mr. Lehane.

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