Halfway point: Reading challenges update

I’ve been reading in a truly unruly fashion, blithely ignoring reading challenge requirements.
This behavior becomes quite evident upon reviewing my stats.
Here’s the tally, which is a nice little mix of shame and accomplishment:
Reading Madly—Finished reading 5/7 books. Not bad.
U.S. Presidents Reading Project (lifelong challenge)—Still at 22/44, due to my refusal to stop reading about JFK and LBJ.
100+ Reading Challenge—Finished reading 60/100. Yee-haw!
eBook Challenge—Finished reading 5/12 eBooks. Yeah, someone’s behind schedule here… (Doggone it. Turns out I still love book books better than eBooks. This isn’t exactly a bad thing, but it’s impeding my progress on this challenge.)
Whisper Stories in My Ear—Finished listening to 10/12. This one is pure pleasure.
Nonfiction Challenge—Finished reading 6 out of 7-9 books. Excellent! The tough news is that the only remaining categories are things I don’t naturally read, so I’m going to have to get bossy with myself.
Library Challenge—Finished reading 55/100. Very nice.
Historical Fiction Challenge—Finished reading 8/10. This one’s a stretch for me, but participating in a genre study makes me read the stuff, anyway, and I’m sure it’s even better for me than a low-fat, high-fiber diet.

Completed Challenges

Yes, folks, despite some underperformance on some of the challenges listed above, I’ve actually checked some others off the list.
Pub Challenge—Finished reading 12/11, of which 6 are fiction. Which means: I’ve checked this challenge off the list in a mere 6 months. Which almost makes up for the shameful performance in the eBook challenge.
I Want More Challenge—Finished reading 2 out of 2-4 books. So I could call this one “done” if I wanted to.
3Rs Challenge—Finished reading 2 out of 1-6. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Yeah, so everything’s all light and happy now… but just wait till the 3rd quarter report happens. Then I’ll do that freaking out thing. Be sure to tune in.