Habitually happier

Better Than Before: Mastering the
Habits of Our Everyday Lives
Gretchen Rubin
3 words:
encouraging, practical, inspiring
been binge-reading and binge-listening to Gretchen Rubin these past couple of
months, and it’s been making me Happier.*  
reading The Happiness Project a virtual lifetime ago, I was a Rubin
And then
I read Happier at Home a few months
ago, and: more happiness in my home, too.
Habit helper: setting a bedtime alarm
latest book, I feared, might be kind of a buzz-kill. It’s about habits, and
that sounds so very, very earnest. 
And after a long day of giving it all I’ve
got, by the point in the evening when I actually get to sit down to read, I
wasn’t so sure that reading about habit formation was really gonna set my world
on fire.
I love it when I’m wrong.
things that save this book are the same things that made Rubin’s other two
books so delightful: her voice and her honesty and her research and her
willingness to throw herself into her work and then put herself out there for
us to see.
even though I’m tired by the end of the day, I have a weakness for
self-improvement projects, and when I read this on page 5, she had me: “Habits
make change possible by freeing us from decision making and from using
thought that better habits could make it easier to do the things I think I
really should do—that’s some
revolutionary stuff right there. 
So I wrote a list of 5 things to work on, and I’m picking away at them. (Currently ignoring my bedtime alarm, so I’ve gotta pre-post this bad boy and hit the hay.)
But first…
3 more words: empowering, exciting, enjoyable

7 thoughts on “Habitually happier

  1. Gotta love Gretchen Rubin! I haven't read this latest book, but I'm a big fan of The Happiness Project.

    And hey, I've almost finished my reading bingo card. Just one more book to go! 🙂

  2. Posted my blackout bingo card today! Had so much fun doing this bingo. Thanks! Hope you share another reading bingo card in January. 🙂

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