Greetings from BookWorld!

popping up from my reading bunker to say a quick hello. 

Assigned Reading Extravaganza continues, with only 2 books and 1 week to go.
This would
be no problem, except that
a) I’m
getting a little exhausted
b) I keep
being distracted and tempted by all kinds of other wonderful things
A of item b above:
has written this lovely novel set in South Korea, and
But no.
No, I
have to read these other two books (the two I actually chose myself) that are
assigned things with a deadline. 
So there
are these sneaky little reward / cheating activities taking place.
style: When I get 1/3 of the way through an assigned book, I give myself a
break—and I take up my iPhone and I read Even
If the Sky Falls Down
like it’s my first breath of fresh air after weeks of
bunker living.
style: And when I’m just not in the mood for the assigned reading, I do this
furtive look over my shoulder and then try to look nonchalant as I touch the
Kindle app on my phone and dive in to a story filled with characters whose
stories I want to hear. 
It feels
like playing hooky. (At least I think it does: I was a dorky reader girl who never played hooky from school. Though maybe once [twice] I goosed a cough a bit, so I could stay home from school to read in bed.)