Gettin’ it done

Getting Things Done by David Allen
Project unstuck due to GTD! Next action: find photo for final frame
3 words: life-changing, practical,
Wow, people.
This book has changed my life.
While I’ve usually felt good about my level of productivity, I’ve recently taken it up about 10 notches.
And meanwhile, I’ve been
walking around feeling relatively calm and contented.
And this book (plus the not-so-hard work of actually implementing the steps) is completely responsible.
It’s positively weird how effective this methodology is.
So, basically, there are several aspects to this system, and the parts that stick out the most for me are:
– If it can be done in 2 minutes or less, do it now.
– Capture all ideas and store them someplace safe. And then develop a surefire way to make sure you can retrieve the information at the right time. (Man, it’s so librarian-ish, I get all aquiver. Information storage & retrieval!)
– Decide: What’s my next action? And make it concrete.
That “next action” thing is ridiculously powerful. I recently got myself unstuck by changing the wording of my “next action” from “Send email to Person A about Project B” to “Draft email to Person A about Project B.”
I know it seems silly, but it works. 
So — it’s probably a good idea to avoid me for a while, because I’m on the loose in this world, radiating the zeal of a particularly fervent convert. Given the chance, I’ll start talking GTD, and I’ll be all gleeful, and you will wish to flee. 
And then I’ll go and do something remarkably pedestrian but wildly productive. 
And then I’ll cement the bliss by listening to the Getting Things Done podcast or watching a GTD video on YouTube
And then I’ll try to tell you about that, too. 
So: you’ve been warned.

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  1. I think I need this book! I'd love to get more stuff done in my life, but I'm a really good procrastinator. Especially if it's a task that is more drudgery than fun. Hope your streak of productivity continues! 🙂

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